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For this piece I was inspired by the Heydar Aliyev Center designed by Zaha Hadid. This building is a magnificent theater with curved features encasing the main stage. This inspired me to layer the paper as well as the form of the dress— a nod to a dancer performing at center stage. within this all white, paper-made dress, I incorporated four base layers for the skirt, two in the front and two in the back, with additional layers rippling down each base. The base and layers are curved to bring out the magnificent shape that Hadid created within her building. On the side of the skirt are strips of papers that fan out to accentuate the layered design. The bust is made up of strips of paper that creates a v-neck. The focal piece of this specific dress is the fan that is attached to the back of the piece that is supposed to represent the rounded shape of the stage.

The many different layers were created to correlate with the interior and exterior walls of Zaha Hadid's architectural design for the Center.

Additionally, the dress is above the knee in length to add tribute to a common dance recital piece

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The process in making this design was continuously reconsidered and reimagined. As with most of my more tangible projects I create a mood board for which I resort to when I have difficulties with the creation. Therefore, knowing that I wanted to be inspired by Zaha Hadid's architecture I placed cut out images of either entire buildings or parts of the structures on a cream colored, mix-media paper. Through this mini-project I highlight the curvature and natural forms that Hadid is known for. I enjoy keeping these mood boards because they inhabit future projects or ideas. Besides cutting up some paper and glueing it onto a piece of paper, I write notes of personal insight. Within this piece I point out how I could add a sash or corset to the torso or distinct shoulder pads (shown on the bottom left). Obviously these ideas were not introduced to the final piece but these first notions of creativity trigger even more inspiration. Like many I find it particularly hard to start a project. I get nervous about the gravity of time it will take away from my other projects, or if my skills are up to standards for what I am asking. Whats so ever, starting a mood board and writing simplistic notes of inspirations help me conjure a piece of work that I am incredibly proud of. 

After my mood board was completed I created simple motifs to understand the medium I was working with, in this case paper, and what shapes inspire me for the finishing piece. For this project, I was very much

Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 2.51_edited.png

inspired by the layering of the paper. While forming these motifs I hyper fixated on curved forms seen in nature. My favorite, and I think more creative, motif is the center spiral that travels from the left breast all the way down the bodice. This shape is an exaggerated depiction of an orange peal, more specifically, a clementine. While this motif did not make the final version, it taught me how important your present surroundings, specifically objects, can be to your creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece as well as forming the video of my twin sister (who is modeling the dress). While the idea of making pieces of fashion have traveled with me since a very young age, this was one of the first pieces that gave me the confidence to pursue garment creation more vigorously. 

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