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About Audrey



Audrey grew up between Boston, Massachusetts and New York City. In her childhood, she gravitated towards photography and fashion sketches as her mode of expression. She found it incredibly fluid to transition natural patterns in her daily life to ideas sketched in her well-worn brown leather journal or in larger prints of photographs. At first photography was (and somewhat still is) a tool for social interaction and community building. Audrey loves to work collaboratively in her home photography studio and bring her friends along to create a blend of artistics visions. The home studio began with her twin sister Elizabeth when they would have fun, harmless, photoshoots to try out camera techniques or new lighting equipment. Later in her artistic journey, Audrey delved deeper into film photography and developing silver gelatin prints. Which seamlessly inspired her to work on exposing cyanotypes. After feeling confident in her studio photography, she pushed her creative endeavors further by taking her fashion illustrations to the next level through creating her sketches into pieces. At first, she created a dress entirely out of paper and chicken wire, and then transitioned into crafting actual garments. Audrey then uses her creations and incorporates them into photographs. 

When Audrey is not working on pushing herself creatively, she pushes herself physically. 

In her freshman year of highschool she made the varsity field hockey team and then later in her sophomore year she made the varsity lacrosse team. After highschool, within a span of nine months she, with her twin sister, traveled to thirty countries and sailed for three months from South Africa to Antigua, where she participated in the Antigua Classics. All the while, earning an Emergency First Response with CPR Certification, an IYT International Crew Certification, an IYT Radio Operator/Communications Certification, and her PADI Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver Certification. 

Currently, Audrey lives full time in New York City where she is pursuing academics in Art History and Visual Arts with a concentration in Photography. When she is not studying, she takes photos of her peers and upcoming businesses, such as Sayless By Hatch. Alongside her college degree she plans to work either in fashion marketing, with hopes to work creatively at a fashion and luxury marketing services and production agency, or costume design for film productions.

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